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We are very happy and grateful to work with all aspects of Pace Coding for many years.  Pace has always come to our rescue when we have experienced a short term backlog for Ambulatory cases.  Pace has provided us with high quality coder education in addition to Cardiology Cath coding and DRG Validation services.

They have provided us with quality work which is a key part of our department’s needs.  Pace’s Technical Expertise is always available when needed.  Pace quickly responses to questions and are always prompt.  The Pace staff are friendly and very supportive of our needs.

Michele Ciampolillo
Coding and Operations Manager
Health Information Management

We have used the coding and educational services of PACECoding since 2007 to assist us in ER Coding, Observation, Day Surgery, Cardiology, Inpatient Coding.  PACE has since provided us with DRG Validation for certain targeted DRG’s and ER Nursing and Facility Education. Their professional, knowledgeable staff has made working with PACE Coding a pleasure.  I know that they are just an email or a phone call away and I will always get a prompt answer to my questions. They are willing to go above and beyond to research a coding issue and get back to me as soon as possible.

The monthly education in-services provided by Hoang Nguyen and his company are very informative and a welcome learning experience for our coders.  There are a lot of other coding outsourcing companies out there but the personal touch of the company knowing that they are just a phone call or email away makes the difference.

Arnette, Marbella, B.S.P.H.,RHIT
Director, Health Information Management

I just wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it is to work with Hoang Nguyen. His expertise in coding has been such an asset to my division. We have been able to spruce up our billing by coding appropriately allowing us to increase our reimbursement. Nguyen has always been available by e-mail and willing to answer any question I may have in regards to coding. His background and experience is outstanding in this specialty. He has assisted me in improving my coding skills leading to a mark decrease in my coding errors. He is always kind and professional in his explanations making you understand the justification for the code. He is an excellent resource.

Angelo Francisquini RN
Assistant Nurse Manager
Cardiac Arrhythmia Center/Electrophysiology Lab

From our students:

November 11, 2006

Dear Hoang, Karen and Diane,

It is with great delight that I can tell you – I PASSED the CCS exam!  I would not have passed had I attempted the exam without taking your course.  Even with two years of inpatient coding experience, there were many things I didn’t know.  The six months I spent taking the PACE course taught me what I needed.  I want to thank all three of you for sharing your knowledge, suggestions and experience with me.

The course was fabulous.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to take and pass the CCA or CCS exams.  Your dedication and enthusiasm were contagious.  You managed to work with a group of students with varying degrees of coding knowledge and teach all of us.  You never left any questions unanswered.  You were willing to spend whatever time necessary on each topic.  The study suggestions were incredibly helpful as were the test-taking tips.

Thank you for everything!

Juliette Occhipinti, CCS

December 02, 2006

Hoang, Karen and Diane,

Just wanted to let you know that I took my CCS exam yesterday and I passed!!

I cant thank you enough for all of your help. I know that my wonderful teachers made all the difference with the exam

I know I will be telling everyone I know about PACE. If there is ever anything I can do to help any of you, please dont hesitate to let me know

Thank you again

Wendy McCabe CCS

November 18, 2006

Hi Hoang,

I took the CCS exam today. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I passed the first part by only  4 points. it was REALLY wacky,and hard  THANKYOU SOOO MUCH FOR sharing your knowledge and help. I couldn't have done it without it .

Thanks again!

Maureen Chartier CCS

"In January of 2004, I was fortunate enough to take an advanced coding course by Hoang Nguyen. It was evident from the beginning, Hoang had a great deal of expertise and experience in this field. Never having any experience myself, I found Hoang to be an extremely informative instructor who was very generous with his time. Always encouraging and willing to take the extra step in ensuring his students had a basic fundamental knowledge in coding, he would provide weekly challenges and supplemental material. His approachability and enthusiasm for sharing his expertise gave me a sound foundation of knowledge, which enable me to pass the CCS exam.

I highly recommend Hoang as a valuable instructor in the field of medical coding.

Jeanne K Cunningham CCS

"After 4 years in my present job that I am very happy in, I decided it was time to secure my future and prepare to take the CCS exam. With limited outpatient coding experience and no inpatient coding experience, I was extremely intimidated by the study materials I was using on my own. I took Hoang's class and as the weeks went by, I found myself more and more comfortable with the subject matter. Hoang has an amazing passion for learning which is matched only his passion for teaching. There were students in the class at all levels of experience from none to many years and he had a talent for preparing materials that addressed every students situation. At the end of the program, I spent almost every day reviewing the materials from Hoang's class and decided to take the CCS exam. To my delight, I passed the exam the first time and I am convinced that I wouldn't have had it not been for the education I got from Hoang. I would strongly encourage anyone with a serious interest in a coding career to enroll in the PACE Coding Program. Whether you choose to pursue certification or not, the education I received in this class is still as important in my everyday work as ever and I believe it will be for others as well. Thank you Hoang for your commitment to education."

Lee Ann Branczewski Seyller CCS, CPC-H

Hi Hoang,

Just I couldn't wait until next week bit of good news. Today, I sat for the CCA exam (Brookline test side) and PASSED!!!

I will bring the test result to class next week so you can see the break down of the question domains. I am so relieved and very happy.

For the past six months, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, I've attended the PACE program. I wanted to further understanding of ICD-9 and CPT-4 coding, and to clarify my limited understanding of human anatomy and disease. Happily my goals were met, resulting in my passing of the CCA exam much earlier than I had expected. I found the learning environment pleasant and the instructors knowledgeable, professional and accessible.

Thank you Hoang for your enthusiasm, energy, and "insider tip". Your organizational techniques when abstracting and coding the medical record were great. Karen, you were always patient with my lack of a medical background, and your presentations on human anatomy were always clear and well organized. Diane, you lifted the fog regarding the coding of CABG, pacemaker and CAD. Your encouragement and support over the past six months were noted and appreciated. My time and resources were truly well spent.

Lyn Healy CCA, PACE student, Nov 2005

Update: March 09, 2006

Hi Hoang,

Last Sat. 3/4 I returned to Brookline and sat for the CCS exam. Thankfully all the studying paid off (I remembered your strategy) and I passed. I still feel there is so much for me to learn but I guess that will come with work experience.

Lyn Healy CCS, PACE student, Nov 2005

Hi Hoang,

I just want to thank you for coming to our class last night at Massasoit. You got me excited again about the coding and getting certified. Many of us were feeling very hopeless about our chances of getting certified. I'm going to start thinking about a couple of the strategies you told us last night, and look forward to our grueling day of CCS prep when the course is over.

Thank you again.

June Ayer


Hi Hoang,

I only had the pleasure of being able to take part in your “ccs prep” class when you visited Massasoit last May.  I had emailed you after that to let you know how pleased I was that you had come to our class.  Now I want to tell you that I passed the CCA exam last week.  I did study a lot on my own since completing the coding program, but always kept in the back of my mind your test taking tips.  So, again thank you, and if I ever decide to take more classes in preparation for the CCS I know where to go.

 June Ayer CCA


Thanks for getting back to me with my final grade so quickly. I really enjoyed the class and didn't mind all the hard work involved. Thank you for all you hard work... you are probably one of the most organized persons I know.

Thanks again.

Marianne H. CCA Massasoit College Student, Fall 2004


Just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your teaching last night. I had heard nothing but good things in regards to your class that you taught at Massasoit. You definitely have what it takes to inspire students and make them learn. I wish that I had you for an instructor. I am interested in learning more about the details of your class you are in the process of organizing.

Thanks again!

Linda W, Massasoit College Student, Spring 2005

"What a class! I went into the class knowing very little coding, only what I had taught myself from reading the coding guidelines in the ICD-9 book and CPT-4 and the teaching was great and very easy to understand. I took the CCS and passed the first time. For anyone looking to get somewhere with their coding career or start a new one, this is the class to take without a doubt. This is the direct path to a coding job anywhere. Great class!! Thanks for getting my career on the fast track in the right direction."

Sean Toal CCS, South Shore Hospital, 2005

November 30, 2006

As a member of PACE Class of 2006, I wish to thank our teachers: Hoang, Diane and Karen.  They enriched our knowledge and confidence enabling us to go forward in the medical coding profession.  They truly offer current, real life coding knowledge and generous tips for taking the exams.

My experience with PACE has been rewarding on many levels. Professionally prepared in a field where being credentialed is now essential.  I have my CCA and will happily update PACE when I pass my CCS.  Personally exposed to an infectious enthusiasm to learn more and do more.Socially meeting a whole new set of friends as member of such a dedicated class of students.

I recommend PACE coding to novice and experienced coders seeking to be credentialed. 

Sincere thanks,

Lindy Farretta CPC-H, CCA

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